SNCF: Take a look at Brussels


With TGV, Lyon-Brussels is direct. To highlight the direct link between the capital of the Gauls and the capital of Europe, SNCF and its agency TBWA\PARIS invited people from Lyon to take a look at Brussels during a particularly surprising experience. September 21th on the morning, Lyon have discovered a 3 meters high cube in Place de la République. On one side of the cube, a simple hole with the message “Take a look at Brussels“. During two days, hundreds of inhabitants of Lyon got caught up by the game and, to their surprise, found themselves thrown in Brussels. Through a teleportation device never done, inhabitants of Lyon were received in live from Mont des Arts by the mayor, his official band and a public from Brussels, faithful with the reputation of Belgian hospitality. A technological feat made ​​possible by several screens interconnected by a satellite and arranged in the two cities.


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