The Inner Workings of Antique Calculators Dramatically Photographed by Kevin Twomey


While our modern day gadgets are certainly compact and slick, they’re also incredibly boring when compared to the intricate inner-workings of their predecessors. A small microchip now does the heavy lifting in modern day calculators. But take apart a 60-year old calculator and you’ll find hundreds of parts that include gears, axels, rods and levers all working together like a fine-oiled machine. Capturing these old gadgets is photographer Kevin Twomey, who “delights in raising the most mundane of objects to an iconic level.”

Millionaire_Side_view Cellatron_R44SM_SIDE_view calculating_machines-40339 Cellatron_R44SM_FRONT_view Brunsviga_11s_TOP_view Diehl_transmatic_FRONT_view Marchant_EFA_SIDE_view Diehl_Transmatic_SIDE_view calculating_machines-40239 Brunsviga_11s_SIDE_view Monroe_PC1421_SIDE_view calculating_machines-40322


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