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Mercearia da Vila – Logo design | The whole process until the final version.


Estudo-01 Estudo-02 Estudo-03 Estudo-04 Estudo-05 Estudo-06

Logo approved



SIEC, a brand for you know how to brew beer.


Can I use a different color when I think in beer? Yes. This brand (SIEC) thought outside of the box and made an exquisite design using blue as its main color palette. What do you think?




Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life: Live the Road as in the Cinema.


caddymaxilife2_aotw caddymaxilife3_aotw caddymaxilife4_aotw caddymaxilife5_aotw cadymaxilife1_aotw

Advertising School: ESA Saint Luc Tournai, Belgium
Art Director: Yann Gressier
Copywriter: Steven Millescamps

Psiphon: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Google Search


psiphon_youtube_aotw psiphon_facebook_aotw psiphon_instagram_aotw psiphon_google_aotw psiphon_twitter_aotw

Psiphon is a circumvention tool from that utilizes VPN, SSH and HTTP Proxy technology to provide uncensored access to Internet content.

Advertising Agency: Rack & Pinion Creative, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Lenny Poplianski
Art Director: Dorota Pankowska
Copywriter: Adriano Marchese

Panton Typographic family


The Bulgarian Fontfabric has created the typeface Panton with very interesting features to use in design, but also worth just check it how they had everything into design projects just to you get a good idea of how to sell.

The whole family is selling for $ 29 and has more than 800 icons included. In the same link, they have provided 4 free versions that are worth having installed. Check it out below the images and have a good sip.

10 09 07 03 05 08 02 04 01 06

Classic music inside premium package


The Canadian illustrator and graphic designer Valentin Leonida imagined not only the packaging, but the perpetual storage technology of the great classical music. He created this collection with the whole repertoire recorded in crystal rods, stored in luxury packaging. Check out the pictures…

Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_9-640x533 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_7-640x364 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_8-640x407 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_1-640x499 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_5-640x533 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_0-640x533 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_4-640x533 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_3-640x533 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_6-640x370