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BExpert website – Concept design, HTML, CSS and PHP programming


This project was made in a record time schedule. Less then fifteen days to plan it, create, built the HTML pages, make all PHP programming and data adjustments from MySQL server. This is awesome! (And it isn’t a CMS website).


Web Projects from Mapp Comunicação


My agency has been doing some sales incentive work for a while. Those are successful jobs made for Officer distributer and HP.

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There is another project call HP VALOR (Value HP). It was launched aimed to great buyers. This is a private campaign just for those buyers, but the idea is booster the sales through incentive.

iPhone App for music and videos.


To increase the Fun-Music community and keep its public more connected with it,  we developed an iPhone App. This App stays available to download at Apple Store. The App shows three Fun-Music issues (2008/09/10). Besides of podcast feed from Fun-Music’s radio station.

Achei Brindes (e-commerce project)


This is a art director project only. The idea was create a dynamic website with a difference experience during the buying process. A Youtube embedded video will show the costumers making off and its testimonials.

Mapp Comunicação, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Promo Hot site for Fun Music Festival.


This is one of those bids that you put yourself into a risky, but not so boring adventure. This is a promotional website with lots of gadgets like twitter, youtube channel and a dynamic calendar that shows you all the events throughout the semester.