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New After Effects Project


This Motion Graphic Movie was made for an annual party. My client – Officer Distribuidora – is going to throw a party for its employees and friends. Check it out.

Go e-mail Marketing? (Part 2)



Got e-mail marketing? (Part 1)


This is the first part of a series of e-mails marketing that we’ve been doing throughout the years. Here you’ll see that some of them are more neat with no design attractions. But you can see that sometimes we can spice it up a little, doing great stuff to sell the product.

I’ve just got thirteen years old.


These are ads made to celebrate Mapp’s anniversary. But I have to confess. Actually, the agency has turned thirteen, not twelve. But even so, I liked the Whisky idea. That’s why I put both ads here.

BExpert motion graphic film – After Effects.


I always loved create motion graphics movies. And considering that I’m learning AE, I think this job was well-done. What do you think?

BExpert website – Concept design, HTML, CSS and PHP programming


This project was made in a record time schedule. Less then fifteen days to plan it, create, built the HTML pages, make all PHP programming and data adjustments from MySQL server. This is awesome! (And it isn’t a CMS website).

Web Projects from Mapp Comunicação


My agency has been doing some sales incentive work for a while. Those are successful jobs made for Officer distributer and HP.

click to enter the project

There is another project call HP VALOR (Value HP). It was launched aimed to great buyers. This is a private campaign just for those buyers, but the idea is booster the sales through incentive.

Campaign evolution. Albert Einstein and its concept.


This is what I call “evolution of a campaign”. The idea is collapsing with several art directions to build and discover the final idea. Take a look at this cronological evolution.