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McDonalds 30 years – Spain Channel


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Honda – Going well.


This project proves that you can blend print with internet. The idea is gather social network and a very interesting gift after all. Sign it up at and you can tweet your day-by-day story using a rachtag “#indobem” (#goingwell). If your tweets were chosen, you will get your animated story-book. Very nice, isn’t it?


This website is very artistic and passionate. The artist self describe as a creator of oustanding pictures. And I’m totally aware of it. Check it out at

Sagres Website – it’s almost like the real thing.


If you are like those addicted in chocolate, you’re gonna love this site. The only thing that you won’t find is the amazing smell of chocolate coming out of your screen. Check it out! Click this link below to navigate the website.


This site is a very nice job from a full service agency. Take a look at this and don’t be shy. Explore the several ways to browse its portfolio without clicking your mouse.

An awesome post-production studio.


Guys. Don’t forget to explore this incredible website. There is a catch line in “about us” page: You image, we go above and beyond . Very bold, isn’t? Enjoy it.

A State-of-the-art SCI FI illustrations!


What is it? A site? An online gallery?…..mmmm…… I’d rather think this job is a tremendous work of art presentation. Yes. I’d say thank you very much to cause a thumping sense of “I-don’t-want to-be-art-director-anymore” after this. But, after a deep breath and relaxation listen to Rush; I decided to hit the link and enjoy it. Don’t be afraid my friend. See what I’ve saw and be careful – You might want to abandon your design career.

Enjoy it.

Timberland: Nature Needs Heroes



This Timberland microsite presents the story as a true visual experience. Using high definition 3D and a revolutionary DSLR camera technique, the audience can pan around the main Hero character and surrounding environment. This technique was also planned to compliment 3D stereoscopic viewing.

Advertising Agency: Holst Digital, London, UK
Creative Director: Mads Holst
Digital Creative: David Minty
Account Director: Lisa Mesztig
Managing Director: David Greyling
Technical Director: Rob Mew