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Shopping Piedade: They are hidden.


Advertising Agency: Engenhonovo Propaganda, Salvador, Brazil
Creative Directors: Rodrigo Soares, Rodrigo Batinga
Art Directors: Heitor Neto, Lucas Melo, Vinny Couto
Copywriter: Rodrigo Soares
Illustrators: Heitor Neto, Lucas Melo


Spoleto Restaurants: Food Fantasy


A starving child’s fantasy is reduced to food.

Advertising Agency: Artplan, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Directors: Roberto Vilhena, Alessandra Sadock, Gustavo Tirre
Art Director: Carolina Lobianco
Copywriter: Roberto Sá
Illustrator: Imagina

Napsi Psicoanalysis Courses: Understand why.


Advertising Agency: Tuppi, Salvador, Brazil
Creative Director / Art Director: Lucas de Ouro
Copywriters: Pedro Cajueiro, Filipe Bezerra
Photographer: Diego Freire
Retoucher: Desconstrutora

Audi A1: B


Driving’s more fun than getting there.

This is a very funny ad from AlmappBBDO – Brazil, showing that every single person who owns an Audi doesn’t care about the final destination. Unfortunally I don’t have this feeling.

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Marcello Serpa
Executive Creative Director: Marcello Serpa
Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Art Directors: Marcos Medeiros, Caio Tezoto

Corre Cutia Bookstore: Nobody Resists a Good Story!


This is a good example of a good mood inside your concept. I loved these illustrations.

Advertising Agency: Lápisraro Comunicação, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Creative Directors: Carla Madeira, Cristina Cortez
Art Director: Francisco Valle
Copywriter: Flavio Chubes
Illustrator: Francisco Valle

Kingdom Comics


Advertising Agency: Fields Comunicação, Brasília, Brazil
Creative Directors: Pedro Henrique Garcia, Fernando Lopes
Art Director: Paulo Ribas
Copywriter: Erick Moneró
Illustrator: Marceleza

Land Rover – locker rooms


Click on the pic to understand the campaign.

Advertising Agency: Filadélfia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Creative Director: Dan Zecchinelli
Art Director: Márcio Doti
Art Director: João Paz
Copywriter: Leandro Neves

Energia School: Brazilian Advertising Rocks!!!!


Energia School: Solid Foundation, DNA

“Without a solid foundation, knowledge doesn’t last. Study at Energia from Elementary to High School.”

Energia School: Solid Foundation, E=mc2

“Without a solid foundation, knowledge doesn’t last. Study at Energia from Elementary to High School”

Energia School: Solid Foundation, Napoleon

“Without a solid foundation, knowledge doesn’t last. Study at Energia from Elementary to High School.”

Advertising Agency: OneWg, Florianópolis, Brazil
Art Directors: André Sanches, Alejandro Jauge, Rodrigo Sardá
Copywriters: André Goeldner, Sandro Akira
Illustrator: Mano Pimentel

An awesome post-production studio.


Guys. Don’t forget to explore this incredible website. There is a catch line in “about us” page: You image, we go above and beyond . Very bold, isn’t? Enjoy it.

Klein Bier: Drinker


Check this out! A unique campaign to attract new beers lovers.

Advertising Agency: Beats Below, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Director: Sulivan Cruz
Art Director: Emerson Morruga
Copywriter: Sulivan Cruz
Photographer: Raphael David
Published: 2010