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The Inner Workings of Antique Calculators Dramatically Photographed by Kevin Twomey


While our modern day gadgets are certainly compact and slick, they’re also incredibly boring when compared to the intricate inner-workings of their predecessors. A small microchip now does the heavy lifting in modern day calculators. But take apart a 60-year old calculator and you’ll find hundreds of parts that include gears, axels, rods and levers all working together like a fine-oiled machine. Capturing these old gadgets is photographer Kevin Twomey, who “delights in raising the most mundane of objects to an iconic level.”

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Visible Light: Artist Alexander Harding Reveals Dense Rays of Sunlight Pouring through Windows


Since 2010, Connecticut-based artist Alexander Harding has worked on a series of photographs titled Visible Light that explores light as a primary subject. His photos reveal dense, ethereal rays of sunshine as it passes through windows, bounces off mirrors, and skews through glass objects, where the light beams are so thick it seems like you could cut it with a knife. Harding says he is inspired in part by artist James Turrell, known for his exceptionally large light installations, and who once stated, “light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation.” It would seem Harding has taken those words to heart in his artwork.

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Beautiful Chemistry: Amazing Chemical Reactions Filmed with a 4K UltraHD Camera


Beautiful Chemistry is a new collaboration between Tsinghua University Press and University of Science and Technology of China that seeks to make chemistry more accessible and interesting to the general public. Their first project was the creation of several short films that utilize a 4K UltraHD camera to capture a variety of striking chemical reactions without the usual clutter of test tubes, beakers or lab equipment. I definitely would have paid a bit more attention in chemistry class if we’d had the opportunity to watch some of these. Filmed and edited by Yan Liang.

chem-2 chem-4 chem-1

Yoga Joes: Plastic Green Soldiers Practicing Yoga


We’ve seen plenty of modern takes on classic green army guys as of late, from skateboarders and surfers over at Toy Boarders, to an array of plastic breakdancing people. Yoga practitioner and entrepreneur Dan Abramson now joins the fray with Yoga Joes, a collection of green army figures doing popular yoga poses like the warrior, cobra, and downward-facing dog. The project is currently funding on Kickstarter and sets should ship in time for Christmas. Hurry, there’s only 4 days left.

yoga-2 yoga-1 yoga-6

Beautiful LEGO: Dark, a New Book about the Dark Side of LEGO by Mike Doyle


LEGO artist and author Mike Doyle, just announced a macabre sequel to his wildly popular 2013 book, Beautiful LEGO, titled The new book examines the darker, disturbing side of brick building with 325 pages of LEGO creations organized into chapters like Creepy Crawlers, Evil Attunement, Dark Towers, Indulgences, Pits of Fire, and Riot Girls. In total, the book contains the collected work of 140 LEGO enthusiasts from around the world.

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Breathtaking Aerial Landscapes of Iceland by Sarah Martinet


While on a recent trip to Iceland, photographer Sarah Martinet had the opportunity to shoot these amazing landscapes from a plane with open windows. You can see much more of her work (as well as more from this trip) on 500px and Facebook.

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The Art of Improbable Coincidence: Travel and Street Photography by Maciej Dakowicz


It would not surprise me to learn that Polish street photographer Maciej Dakowicz has run out of available pages in his passport. Currently based in Mumbai, the computer science PhD abandoned a career in technology to instead focus on his street photography, a decision that has lead him to far-flung communities around the globe seeking incredible once-in-a-lifetime encounters. Sorting through his staggering library of some 5,500 photos is to take a journey through vastly differening cultures, miraculous visual coincidences, and improbable moments in time both amusing and terrifying.