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TWBC: Calendar


Water is the driving force of all nature.

When water is in abundance, conservation is not in our thoughts. Slowly but surely, water, like all other natural resources is depleting and drying up, thanks to our callous disregard for future generations and the planet. When realisation dawns, it will be too late that the very water which infused life on Earth dies and the planet is an inferno. Wishing peace & prosperity for the year ahead. Celebrate Diwali responsibly.



The Free Little Library by Stereotank


Recently installed in New York’s Nolita neighborhood the Free Little Library is a temporary outdoor shelving unit that functions as a free library. The clever design protects the books from the weather while allowing people to duck under a cover to see what’s available. The library was designed by Venezuelan design firm Stereotank as part of a collaboration with the Architectural League of New York and the Pen World Voices Festival who have selected 10 designers to build miniature free libraries in downtown Manhattan through September. Can’t wait to see the rest. (via designboom)

Every Image Has a Sound at Saxsofunny


Saxsofunny, a sound design company based in Sao Paulo Brazil. Every image has a sound. We’re presented with the sounds of Thunder, Bonfire, and Typewriter.

Miniature Body Part Jewelry by Percy Lau


London-based designer Percy Lau creates tiny lifelike human body parts that can be worn as jewelry.

Her weirdly awesome accessories include little third ear, mouth, nose and even a tiny male genitalia. You can wear them as earrings, necklaces, and rings.

All of them are fun, but I’d pick the Little Third Ear earrings as they look incredibly cool when put in our big ears. The only thing they lack is the customization to match your actual skin tone.

You can get these weird body part accessories on Etsy for $24-$42.

What about you? Would you wear them?

Moleskine and LEGO


Moleskine will launch a limited collection inspired by LEGO. The idea is have fun. The Moleskine comes with solid pieces to play with. You’ll have blocks and little toys to hook up with the book. Check it out:

Surfrider Foundation: 2011 Calendar


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See all the girls here:

Advertising Agency: Y&R Paris, France
Creative Director: Laurent Bodson
Art Director: Antoine Mathon
Copywriter: François Faure
Photographer: Fred Meylan