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T.D.G. Vertriebs


Brief: The 3 different types of parmesan cheese needed packaging, which is easy to handle at meals and also lists portioning suggestions as a bonus. With the built-in grating function you can sprinkle delicious, appetizing flakes of parmesan cheese on your meal.

Brief from the client: Develop packaging for a trio of selected parmesan cheeses including a grater shaped like a pencil sharpener – an addition to the ‘The Deli Garage’ range, a food label that supports small manufacturers of delicacies with lovely packaging ideas.

Description of design: The cheeses are shaped like oversized pencils, where the “leads” contain three different flavors: truffles, pesto and chilli. With the sharpener included, the required amount of cheese can be sprinkled on the dish. A scale on the pencils and on the back of the packaging doesn’t just simply list how much of the Cheese Pencil is needed for each dish, but even how many calories the portion contains.

Results: The limited first edition of 500 was sold out 2 weeks after the launch.


Leica V-Lux 20: The iPhone Protective Case


The Leica V-Lux 20 is the ideal camera for on-the-got It’s user-friendly and especially handy – qualities it shares with the iPhone. In one respect though the Leica leaves the iPhone far behind; although the same size, it takes much better pictures. As a give-away for trade visitors, protective cases were produced that made iPhones look like a Leica V-Lux 20, They enabled people to experience immediately the handy size of the camera.


Fanta: Lift&Laugh


The most amazing ride you’ll ever have… in an elevator. Fanta is all about being less serious and transforming boring places into a world of fun. So, we turned an everyday elevator into an amusement ride full of unexpected features, giving consumers the full brand experience: fun times and delicious tasting Fanta. People actually started lining up to ride the elevator and many of them didn’t even want to leave. Proof that when it comes to Fanta, the only way is UP!

Colgate Max Night: Pizza Box


A very inspiring work. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Paris, France
Regional Creative Director: Carmine Coppola
Creatives: Laurent Baghdassarian, Daniel Lobatón, Cecile Reinbold

Post-It: Vintage Twitter


With more than 100 million users worldwide, Twitter has over the recent years not only become a phenomenon, but a widely accepted tool to send short message to each other. Just like when we text each other on the phone, but visible to anyone. Amidst all this, Post-It celebrates 30 years in the business. What initially was considered a failed adhesive turned into maybe the most famous little piece of paper in history. Post-It became the standard for small, short messages and was used both between people and in public spaces, for anyone to see. Vintage Twitter is a loving homage to Twitter, with a reminder that the short message is not a new invention. The box, consisting of 500 Post-It notes (or vintage tweets) and a small pencil, was handed out at Disruptive Code, a conference for web developers in Stockholm, during autumn 2010.


“Vintage Twitter. An original that sticks! They are twittastic! We have twittered for 30 years, but in our own way.”

Communications Agency: JMW Kommunikation, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director / Copywriter: Joakim Karlsson
Art Director: Jonas Böttiger
Illustrator: Thomas Olsson
Planner: Niclas Strandh
Published: September 2010

Leonardo Mall: Scratch the headline


A very witty retail campaign from a Shopping Mall using a “scratch” Ad. Good idea to draw attention and increase its sales.

Come to find out if
one year of shopping for free.
Every Saturday and Sunday from the 2nd to the 31st of October if you spend even just 2 euro by us you will have the chance to scratch… and win so many instant prizes and also a super final special prize: one year of shopping for free! (equal to 400 euro per month along next 12 months)

Advertising Agency: Touché, Bologna, Italy
Creative Director: Luca d’Alesio
Copywriters: Luca d’Alesio, Viviana Dinacci
Photographer: Gabriele Corni

Electrolux: Vac from the Sea


Electrolux has unveiled five unique vacuum cleaners that have been made from plastic waste collected from the world’s oceans. The event marks the next chapter and continuation of the “Vac from the Sea” campaign launched in July by Prime Sweden and Electrolux PR Studio that aims to raise awareness around ocean plastic waste and inspire consumers and industry to recycle more. Follow the development of Vac from the Sea at, @vacfromthesea or


Advertising Agency: Prime, Stockholm, Sweden and Electrolux PR Studio
Executive Creative Director: Tom Beckman
Creative Director Electrolux Account: Jonas Bodin
Account and Project Manager: Mattias Ström
Creatives: Carl Fredrik Holtermann, Devi Brunson
Head of Planning: Marcus Wenner
Planner : Kerem Yazgan
Production Manager:Karin Schollin
PR Manager Europe: Julia Emmerich (Electrolux PR Studio)
Published: October 2010

Once upon a time – by Benjamin Lacombe


A beautiful promotional work made by Benjamin Lacombe – an artist and illustrator. The book represents eight famous tales in just two pages, showing in pop-up technique. The video shows how this work was unique and incredible.

Volkswagen: Polo 95% recyclable


Car manufacturer VW wants to tell people that their new model, Polo, is produced out of 95% recyclable materials. People in Germany are used to recycle glass and paper in huge bins outdoors. The get awareness for this, they made an even bigger bin in the shape of the Polo.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Berlin, Germany