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The art of Simon Dominic


Simon Dominic is a freelance illustrator and concept artist, living in the North of England. He works mainly on book and magazine covers, story illustration, game and card art, workshops and magazine articles. Simon paints digitally using Corel Painter and Art Rage Studio Pro. He applies traditional techniques through use of digital tools, resulting in a more painterly look to the finished piece.

Simon’s work portfolio tends to centre around fantasy and sci-fi illustration although he does not limit himself to these genres. He has worked with clients on many other categories of artwork including horror, landscape and contemporary. His work appears in over a dozen quality publications worldwide, including the acclaimed Exposé series, the Fantasy Art Now books and Digital Art Masters, and has accumulated several awards including two 2009 Chesley awards, the Exposé Master ‘Fantasy’ award (2010) and Excellence award (2008, 2009), the CGSociety Challenge Master prize in 2008 and Digital Painting award in 2010.


Simpsons: Mr. Burns real 3D


For those who worship The Simpsons, here is a good… I mean… an excelent 3D illustration. Mr. Burns is the evil side of Homer. Or maybe the evilest of them all….. Check it out. It’s awesome. The artist is Martin Beyer.

Illustration with photoshop


Pics made with Photoshop manipulation already became trend. Everybody wants to learn a little of it. But talent, is just for a few. When it comes to advertising, design and especial presentations, this kind of production turns into a handy tool. Some of those works is actually pretty awesome. Check them out:

Engendrar – 69 square inch booth (event mining)


This illustration was made in Lightwave 3D to show my proposal for the client. The idea was approved by the client and it was build as exactly as it is in this render.

Illustration for your taste!


As you can see, these ads are aimed for those who are totally into food. Great job.

An awesome post-production studio.


Guys. Don’t forget to explore this incredible website. There is a catch line in “about us” page: You image, we go above and beyond . Very bold, isn’t? Enjoy it.

A State-of-the-art SCI FI illustrations!


What is it? A site? An online gallery?…..mmmm…… I’d rather think this job is a tremendous work of art presentation. Yes. I’d say thank you very much to cause a thumping sense of “I-don’t-want to-be-art-director-anymore” after this. But, after a deep breath and relaxation listen to Rush; I decided to hit the link and enjoy it. Don’t be afraid my friend. See what I’ve saw and be careful – You might want to abandon your design career.

Enjoy it.

Burger king Ad


A great idea but not so new, though. I want to draw your attention for a high quality illustration. It could be a 3d representation. And don’t forget to click it to zoom-in.

The products are depicted typographically with expressions relating to their great taste.

Advertising Agency: Interone GmbH, Munich, Germany
Executive Creative Directors: Marco Mehrwald, Thomas Pakull
Creative Director: Shin Oh
Art Director: Christopher Grouls
Copywriters: Christopher Grouls, Bernd Nagenrauft, Lars Haensell
Illustrator: Serial Cut, Spain
Account Executive: Katharina Aschauer, Max Wiemann
Published: July 2010