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Psychogeographies: 3D Collages Encased in Layers of Glass by Dustin Yellin


Psychogeography is the act of exploring an urban environment with an emphasis on curiosity and drifting. Or, more colloquially put, a “toy box full of playful, inventive strategies for exploring cities.” For the Brooklyn-based artist Dustin Yellin, his toy box is full of everything he finds on the street—flowers, leaves, bugs, and even dead rats, which are then composed into three-dimensional collages and sealed behind resin.

In his most recent series “Psychogeographies,” Yellin uses multiple layers of glass, each covered in detailed imagery, to create a single intricate, three-dimensional collage with a mix of magazine cut-outs and acrylic paint. When pressed to describe what he does, Yellin struggles, but not with a lack of words. Here is an excerpt from a mini-essay “concerning the difficulty of saying something about what I do.”

Psychogeography-45-2014-Dustin-Yellin-3 process Psychogeography_no61__2013_Dustin_Yellin.jpg Psychogeography-43-2014-Dustin-Yellin-1 Psychogeography-43-2014-Dustin-Yellin-2 Psychogeography-45-2014-Dustin-Yellin-1-001