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Web Projects from Mapp Comunicação


My agency has been doing some sales incentive work for a while. Those are successful jobs made for Officer distributer and HP.

click to enter the project

There is another project call HP VALOR (Value HP). It was launched aimed to great buyers. This is a private campaign just for those buyers, but the idea is booster the sales through incentive.


Sagres Website – it’s almost like the real thing.


If you are like those addicted in chocolate, you’re gonna love this site. The only thing that you won’t find is the amazing smell of chocolate coming out of your screen. Check it out! Click this link below to navigate the website.


The mind blowing Site and video!


This Site was absolutely incredible. The idea, the concept design, the interactivity…well… I thing EVERYTHING!
And I invite you to watch this commercial above and hold your breath. Would be a tiny drop of tears in your eyes….;-)
Click here to experience the site. http://www.optuswhalesong.com.au/