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Fantastic illustrations made by colourful clay


Created by Joseph Barbaccia.

13-obama-joseph-barbaccia 15-lady-gaga-barbaccia 12-benedict-clay-illsutrations-barbaccia 10-barbaccia-bukowski-illusrtration 3-chameleon-illustration-barbaccia 17-johhny-depp-barbaccia-artworks 9-animal-illustrations-joseph-barbaccia 16-tom-waits-barbaccia-illustrations


Harry Potter Book of Arts


Warner Bros and Harper Collins has launched a book with original illustrations from the series Harry Potter. It’s worth a peek.

Hungarian-Horntail Nagini Swarm-Inferii Dementors Grindylow Fenrir-Greyback Thestral Aragog Aragog-1 Peter-Pettigrew Kreacher-House-Elf Hungarian-Horntail-1

Humorous and Political Street Art by Escif


Spanish muralist and street artist Escif hails from Valencia, Spain but is actively globally with recent works popping up throughout Canada, Italy, and France. His use of subdued colors and simple lines helps the artist communicate his humorous and often direct commentary on capitalism, politics, the economy and other sensitive social issues. His work is much more about the message than style. In an interview with Unurth the artist shares:

Although sometimes is not easy to separate, I try to focus my work around concepts, not just shapes. I try to found my style like the consequences of my own ideas. I understand the painting as an exercise of reflection that can be shared with people. I’m not looking for decorative paintings, I try to wake up viewers minds.

Above is just a tiny fraction of Escif’s work over the last two years or so. You can see much more on his blog Street Against, on Facebook, or over on Flickr. (via arrested motion)


Street Artist Ludo Merges Technology and Nature to Create a New Order of Hybrid Organisms


Paris-based artist Ludo (previously) has been active lately with works popping up all over France. His trademark monochromatic paste-ups with dripping green highlights often merge technology with plants or insects to create what he calls a “new order of hybrid organisms”. To see more of his work you can always stop by StreetArtNews or follow the artist’s blog.

The Street Art of DMS


I’m really enjoying the street art and paintings of Brazilian artist DMS (Davi De Melo Santos) whose work I find to be humorous, hopeful, and extremely inventive. Go get lost in his paintings, murals, and this fun series of faces. (via moon83)


The Street Art of DMS The Street Art of DMS1 The Street Art of DMS2 The Street Art of DMS3 The Street Art of DMS4

Beautiful Evidence: New Illustrations Cut from Encyclopedias and Primary Readers by Thomas Allen


Book artist Thomas Allen (previously) just published a dozen new works in advance of his forthcoming show, Beautiful Evidence, at Foley Gallery in New York opening September 9th, 2012. Allen pours through old encyclopedias, primary readers and science books to extract figures for these perfectly composed illustrations. See the rest over on his blog.

Manipulation with photos and illustrations


Photo beyond imagination.


A Belgian painter, (aka  Ben Heine) have been done several magnificent fusion between photos and drawing. His latest work known as “Pencil Vs Camera” is here for your appreciation. Enjoy.

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