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Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life: Live the Road as in the Cinema.


caddymaxilife2_aotw caddymaxilife3_aotw caddymaxilife4_aotw caddymaxilife5_aotw cadymaxilife1_aotw

Advertising School: ESA Saint Luc Tournai, Belgium
Art Director: Yann Gressier
Copywriter: Steven Millescamps


Image Manipulations by Martin Grohs


One of those things that you keep thinking about (when you are a design or art director) is “How in name of the God, this guy did this?” And since I started working with advertising, doing manipulations using Photoshop is one of the majors things among the creative community.  Check some of those works (by Martin Grohs).

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Photo beyond imagination.


A Belgian painter, (aka  Ben Heine) have been done several magnificent fusion between photos and drawing. His latest work known as “Pencil Vs Camera” is here for your appreciation. Enjoy.

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…and if Star Wars were truth?


Those Photoshop interventions are really realistic, don’t you think? Take a look at these W.W.1 pics and have some fun with it.

Illustration with photoshop


Pics made with Photoshop manipulation already became trend. Everybody wants to learn a little of it. But talent, is just for a few. When it comes to advertising, design and especial presentations, this kind of production turns into a handy tool. Some of those works is actually pretty awesome. Check them out:

Tilt-Shift effect in real pics….


The tilt-shift effect is an actual photo treated to look like a miniature. This effect is no longer something new but is being used a lot. Although the final result has always been interesting. Below is a new work with (believe me), pictures of actual places. There are not miniatures!

Now, a slide show for the rest of it.

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