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Psiphon: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Google Search


psiphon_youtube_aotw psiphon_facebook_aotw psiphon_instagram_aotw psiphon_google_aotw psiphon_twitter_aotw

Psiphon is a circumvention tool from that utilizes VPN, SSH and HTTP Proxy technology to provide uncensored access to Internet content.

Advertising Agency: Rack & Pinion Creative, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Lenny Poplianski
Art Director: Dorota Pankowska
Copywriter: Adriano Marchese


Honda – Going well.


This project proves that you can blend print with internet. The idea is gather social network and a very interesting gift after all. Sign it up at http://www4.honda.com.br/encurtesuahistoria/#indobem and you can tweet your day-by-day story using a rachtag “#indobem” (#goingwell). If your tweets were chosen, you will get your animated story-book. Very nice, isn’t it?

KLM: Little acts of kindness


This is an incredible case from KLM (a dutch airline). To attract new costumers, KLM uses social media (twitter), to fight boredom while they wait and a little suprise in the end. It’s worth watching it.

Kabinet Internet Provider: Tweets to the space


We (Red Pepper) created a special twitter in honor of Yuri Gagarin – world famous Russian astronaut. And provide twitter on the Big City Screens at Astronaut’s Day. People could making tweets to the screens through Kabinet.

Advertising Agency: Red Pepper, Russia
Creative Director: Danil Golovanov
Art Director: Alexander Gagarin

Brand Installations On Unusual Locations


The work of Italian artist Filippo Minelli can be described as something between work of art and reality. It’s not exactly street art, but something similar to that. He definitely draws attention with his painted words and logos that pop out from almost nowhere.

Apple and Facebook logos on old walls and houses, Google logos on the Chinese Wall and children’s playground, and fun words at all kinds of weird locations. The goal for Minelli is to create some kind of contrast between the words and the chosen locations, to make us think and wonder what he meant with that specific installation. I think every piece can be analyzed in many different ways, it’s kind of a individual thing, that’s the thing that is so great with art.

Post-It: Vintage Twitter


With more than 100 million users worldwide, Twitter has over the recent years not only become a phenomenon, but a widely accepted tool to send short message to each other. Just like when we text each other on the phone, but visible to anyone. Amidst all this, Post-It celebrates 30 years in the business. What initially was considered a failed adhesive turned into maybe the most famous little piece of paper in history. Post-It became the standard for small, short messages and was used both between people and in public spaces, for anyone to see. Vintage Twitter is a loving homage to Twitter, with a reminder that the short message is not a new invention. The box, consisting of 500 Post-It notes (or vintage tweets) and a small pencil, was handed out at Disruptive Code, a conference for web developers in Stockholm, during autumn 2010.


“Vintage Twitter. An original that sticks! They are twittastic! We have twittered for 30 years, but in our own way.”

Communications Agency: JMW Kommunikation, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director / Copywriter: Joakim Karlsson
Art Director: Jonas Böttiger
Illustrator: Thomas Olsson
Planner: Niclas Strandh
Published: September 2010

Promo Hot site for Fun Music Festival.


This is one of those bids that you put yourself into a risky, but not so boring adventure. This is a promotional website with lots of gadgets like twitter, youtube channel and a dynamic calendar that shows you all the events throughout the semester.