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The Berlim Wall fell 25 years ago.


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Advertising Agency: MSTF-PARTNERS, Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Directors: Susana Sequeira, Lourenço Thomaz
Art Director: Orlando Gonçalves
Copywriter: Cristina Amorim


Steel Animal Sculptures by Byeong Doo Moon at ‘Sculpture by the Sea’


South Korean sculptor Byeong Doo Moon unveiled a new stainless steel sculpture as part of Sculpture by the Sea 2014 earlier this month in Sydney. The intricately welded peacock is titled “Our memory in your place” and is a stylistic companion to Moon’s 2011 sculpture, a deer with an unwieldy set of antlers that resembles tree limbs. The annual sculpture event is now in its 18th year and runs through November 9th. You can see plenty more photos of this year’s participants on their website. (via Visual News)


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Emil Alzamora’s distorted human figures appear to melt, morph, and defy gravity


Artist Emil Alzamora explores the human body through his figurative sculptures that distort, inflate, elongate, and deconstruct physical forms in order to reveal emotional situations and narratives. Alzamora works with a variety of materials including bronze, gypsum, concrete, and other ceramic materials to create pieces with smooth, almost non-descript surfaces to instead draw attention to shape and scale. You can see more of his work on Facebook and on Instagram. (via Dark Silence in Suburbia)

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Tom Fruin’s Stained Glass House Installed at Brooklyn Bridge Park


“The colorful glass house is inhabited by two performers, who portray everyday dilemmas and lifestyle paradoxes in a subtle manner. They have lost the ability to meaningfully discriminate, and are trapped in a long chain of procrastination, mirroring our current social patterns.”


fruin-1 fruin-5 fruin-8 fruin-9 fruin-3 fruin-4 fruin-2 fruin-7

Frenetic Spray-painted Birds by ‘L7m’


Here’s a collection of murals and canvases from street artist L7m, who paints interpretations of birds that morph from realistic into more abstract strokes of spray paint and explosions of color. Included here are a number of pieces from Spain, Portugal, and his native Brazil over the last few months.

l7m-4 l7m-1 l7m-7 l7m-5 l7m-2 l7m-8

Beautiful LEGO: Dark, a New Book about the Dark Side of LEGO by Mike Doyle


LEGO artist and author Mike Doyle, just announced a macabre sequel to his wildly popular 2013 book, Beautiful LEGO, titled The new book examines the darker, disturbing side of brick building with 325 pages of LEGO creations organized into chapters like Creepy Crawlers, Evil Attunement, Dark Towers, Indulgences, Pits of Fire, and Riot Girls. In total, the book contains the collected work of 140 LEGO enthusiasts from around the world.

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Sprawling Cardboard Architecture by Nina Lindgren


Stockholm-based illustrator, printmaker, and artist Nina Lindgren was been working with cardboard to build a series of stacked geometric cityscapes that look like small architectural islands. The works are assembled like puzzles from carefully cut cardboard panels with internal lights for some of the houses. Her most recent piece, “Floating City” was recently on view at ArtRebels Gallery. You can see more over on her website.


cardboard-4 cardboard-1 cardboard-3 cardboard-6 cardboard-5

A Canopy of Colorful Umbrellas Spotted in Portugal


This beautiful installation of umbrellas was recently spotted in Águeda, Portugal by photographer Patrícia Almeida. Almost nothing is known about the artist behind the project or its significance, but it’s impossible to deny the joy caused by taking a stroll in the shadowy rainbow created by hundreds of parasols suspended over this public walkway. It reminds be of Garth Britzman’s bottle carport. (via my modern met)

umbrellas-3 umbrellas-4 umbrellas-2 umbrellas-1

A Towering Turtle of Discarded Industrial Junk Welded by Ono Gaf


Indonesian artist Ono Gaf works primarily with metallic junk reclaimed from a trash heap to create his animalistic sculptures. His most recent piece is this giant turtle containing hundreds of individual metal components like car parts, tools, bike parts, instruments, springs, and tractor rotors. You can read a bit more about Gaf over on the Jakarta Post, and see more of this turtle in this set of photos by Gina Sanderson. (via Steampunk Tendencies)

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Man Spends 13 Years Transforming a Hedge into a Massive Dragon


Plant care comes in many forms. For some of us it’s enough to keep a few potted plants hanging on for dear life on a windowsill, while others indulge in the joy of pushing lawnmower around every few weeks, or maybe even keeping a garden. But John Brooker of Norfolk had a horticultural vision unlike the rest of us. For the past 13 years he’s hacked and trimmed and molded the 150ft-long (45.7m) hedge outside his Frizzleton Farm property into a massive dragon complete with flowing tail and wings. Photographer Damien McFadden (also on Facebook) recently stopped by to snap these fantastic photos of Brooker at work. All images courtesy the photographer. (via NeatoramaBBC)