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SIEC, a brand for you know how to brew beer.


Can I use a different color when I think in beer? Yes. This brand (SIEC) thought outside of the box and made an exquisite design using blue as its main color palette. What do you think?





Panton Typographic family


The Bulgarian Fontfabric has created the typeface Panton with very interesting features to use in design, but also worth just check it how they had everything into design projects just to you get a good idea of how to sell.

The whole family is selling for $ 29 and has more than 800 icons included. In the same link, they have provided 4 free versions that are worth having installed. Check it out below the images and have a good sip.

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Do these 10 big brands look better stripped back?


What would happen if you stripped the packaging of well-known brands down to their basics?

schwepps cornflakes durex nutella nesquik lindt toffifee mrmuscle pringles redbull


Do you think the brands look better stripped back? Let us know in the comments box below!


Infographic: how to create anything.



Lets put it into English now:

1. Drop whatever you are doing.
2. Calm down
3. Forget your day-by-day matters
4. Start it anywhere
5. Don’t think much
6. Now, turn it into something better
7. Try to make it work
8. Look out for something very good and do your benchmark research
9. Be paciente
10. Always have hope
11. Go with conviction
12. Patch things up whenever you fail

BBDO Group in Moscow – New Office Design


The multinational group of agencies – BBDO – , which also has an office in Moscow, has hired Voskoboynikov and DMITRY OVCHAROV to remodel the first floor of the building where an old factory was installed. The idea was to break the rustic setting of the building with something very modern. Check out the images below and good inspiration!