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Classic music inside premium package


The Canadian illustrator and graphic designer Valentin Leonida imagined not only the packaging, but the perpetual storage technology of the great classical music. He created this collection with the whole repertoire recorded in crystal rods, stored in luxury packaging. Check out the pictures…

Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_9-640x533 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_7-640x364 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_8-640x407 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_1-640x499 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_5-640x533 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_0-640x533 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_4-640x533 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_3-640x533 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_6-640x370


Do these 10 big brands look better stripped back?


What would happen if you stripped the packaging of well-known brands down to their basics?

schwepps cornflakes durex nutella nesquik lindt toffifee mrmuscle pringles redbull


Do you think the brands look better stripped back? Let us know in the comments box below!


Trash bin that doesn’t use bags.


That’s a great idea! It was made by Riccardo Nannini, Domenico Orefice and Emanuele Pizzolorusso. This trash bin is called “Fabriano”. This project reminds me that package for “Brigadeiro”, a chocolate ball made here in Brazil. Very cool.


Casting Shadows – Switch to fall


“Coarse Toys” has launched a new collection – limited edition . These pics are from the already sold out toy. With its package and everything. Even when you don’t like toy, you’ll realize something special about it.

Wrapped food with style


A lot of people purchase food just by the price. Though they also could purchase by its package value. Despite the technical facts – that are pretty much mandatory in the food service market – sometimes a bunch of good stuff turns out to be very beautiful.

The new project for coca-cola – at least a concept.


A 3d designer (Jerome Olivet) created a concept work for Coca-Cola more like an inspiration that a real deal. But the project took a different path. It was recognized by some executives and became famous among the designers community.

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