Classic music inside premium package


The Canadian illustrator and graphic designer Valentin Leonida imagined not only the packaging, but the perpetual storage technology of the great classical music. He created this collection with the whole repertoire recorded in crystal rods, stored in luxury packaging. Check out the pictures…

Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_9-640x533 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_7-640x364 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_8-640x407 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_1-640x499 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_5-640x533 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_0-640x533 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_4-640x533 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_3-640x533 Classical-Music-Packaging-Design_6-640x370


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